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Polish construction output up by 10% in 2011  November 2010

en pl The forthcoming year 2011 can be a breakthrough year for the construction industry in terms of construction output. Provided that the winter weather conditions are relatively favourable, the 2011 average annual growth rate can be up to 10%, driven by large

Recovery in the roofing materials market in Poland  November 2010

en pl Due to the improving macroeconomic environment, signs of upturn in multidwelling construction and stabilisation in the non residential construction sector, the outlook for Poland’s industry of roofing materials has considerably improved over the

Polski rynek marek własnych rośnie w kryzysie  październik 2010

pl Według szacunków zawartych w naszym ostatnim raporcie pt. „Prywatne marki detalistów w Polsce 2010” wartość polskiego rynku marek własnych wzrosła o 29% w 2009 roku. Wysoka dynamika wzrostu rynku była efektem dynamicznego wzrostu wartości sprzedaży

Increase in the Polish construction industry economic climate  October 2010

en pl Driven by a steadily rising number of investment projects underway and planned, construction companies express slightly more favourable assessments of the economic situation of the market when compared to the findings of a study conducted six months ago.

Clothing and footwear market in Poland increasing despite the crisis  August 2010

en pl The economic slowdown we faced in 2009 has had a negative impact on the dynamic of the Polish market of clothing and footwear. However, in spite of the forecasts, the consumption did not grind to a halt, as confirmed by the results of the research we carried

Imaging diagnostics market in Poland: EU funds – a key stimulus to market development  August 2010

en Since in Poland the EU funding is a key source of financing to purchase imaging diagnostic equipment, the public sector – whose purchases are largely co-funded by the EU – has not been affected by the crisis and a high euro exchange rate which

Rynek diagnostyki obrazowej w Polsce: fundusze unijne istotnym stymulantem rozwoju  sierpień 2010

pl Fundusze unijne są ważnym źródłem finansowania zakupów aparatury do diagnostyki obrazowej w Polsce. Dlatego też, kryzys i wysoki kurs euro, które wyhamowały nieco zamówienia na aparaturę w sektorze prywatnym w 2009 r., nie wpłynęły na rynek publiczny,
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