Pmr Publications 2023 -Reliable Market Intelligence for Business

PMR Publications ( provides reliable market intelligence for business professionals interested in Central and Eastern European countries (Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine), as well as other emerging markets (China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia).

Publications by PMR analyse the business climate in the region, in particular in the retail / FMCG, construction, pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT and telecommunications market. PMR Publications offers both free and paid subscription newsletters, internet news portals and in-depth reports on retail / FMCG, construction, pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT and telecoms in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


The newsletters and online news service of PMR Publications contain news briefings and commentaries for professionals from retail / FMCG, construction, pharmaceutical / healthcare sectors. Each of the issues of newsletters, as well as internet service, includes the most recent sector news, a comprehensive ongoing analysis of the current situation and reliable information on the market climate.

  • ‘Retail Poland Online’ the definitive internet source for up-to-date market news, featured articles and industry data for retail sector in Poland: market news, retailers, distributors, retail premises, food, tobacco, OTC drugs, beverages and non-food.
  • ‘Retail Update Poland’ the information newsletter on the Polish retail market and the latest news on FMCG companies in Poland, providing also analyses and current trends.
  • ‘Polish Construction Review’ is newsletter delivered in pdf format. The newsletter delivers news and analysis of the construction market, including news on contractors, building materials, real estate, public investment, major tenders announced and planned projects.
  • ‘Construction Poland Online’ is an information online service covering the construction sector in Poland. The service includes market analyses and market data. For breaking construction news, a customisable alert system is available to send the latest developments directly to an individual e-mail.
  • ‘Pharma Poland News’ is an information service covering the pharmaceutical sector in Poland. The service includes weekly news briefings and monthly market analyses and data, both delivered by email in pdf format.
  • ‘Pharma Poland Online’ provides news, articles and market data on the pharmaceutical market in Poland, from manufacturers and distributors to medical devices and research developments. This news service is a must-have for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry looking to invest or already active in Poland.

The market reports by PMR Publications comprise a sophisticated analysis of the industry (retail / FMCG, pharma / healthcare, IT / telecom and construction), making them a useful guide in formulating strategic decisions and development plans for organisations. Additionally, they present the findings of PMR’s sector climate surveys, conducted among the management of the largest companies. Further benefits include providing the reader with vital market intelligence, detailed analysis of recent and current trends and conditions influencing market development today and in the coming years.

PMR Publications’ reports and newsletters describe industry situation in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of:

  • retail, FMCG
  • construction
  • healthcare, pharmaceuticals
  • IT, telecom