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Will the Polish economy avoid recession?Click and register to open this news

Recent macroeconomic figures were a positive surprise for the market. The higher-than-expected rate of GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2012 indicates that the slowdown might be losing steam. And the January improvements ... more »

Further deterioration of economic conditions in Q1, but next quarter likely to be betterClick and register to open this news

In Q1 2013 the IRG SGH barometer of business conditions decreased in both yearly and quarterly terms. Amid a seasonal slowdown of activity, the negative impact of cyclical factors was less than three months earlier. ... more »

Weak ending to 2012 adds to concerns about economyClick and register to open this news

In 2012 the Polish economy expanded at a rate of 2%, a substantial deterioration of performance as compared with the year before. The pace of GDP growth decelerated steadily from quarter to quarter, and the very poor ... more »

Monetary policy outlook for 2013 in light of inflation trendsClick and register to open this news

In 2012 the Polish economy entered a disinflationary trend that we expect will continue also in 2013. With CPI inflation running below the central bank’s target rate, the Monetary Policy Council will have comfortable ... more »

Economy still weakening, though a bit less rapidlyClick and register to open this news

Latest macroeconomic figures show that economic activity in Poland is steadily decelerating, as evidenced in particular by falling output and slower growth in retail sales. Meanwhile, conditions in the labour market ... more »

‘Print and hope’ in progressClick and register to open this news

In 2012 a further several hundred billion dollars, euros, pounds and francs, and trillions of yens, were injected into the world economy through various forms of monetary stimulus, such as QE3, Operation Twist, LTRO, ... more »

2013: a year of challengesClick and register to open this news

The substantial deterioration of Poland’s macroeconomic indicators in the second half of 2012 has meant that the country is looking to the new year with more worry than hope. In the absence of the kind of stabilisers ... more »

Economy increasingly losing momentumClick and register to open this news

In the third quarter of 2012 Poland’s GDP grew by just 1.4% y-o-y, confirming that the country’s economy has considerably decelerated. With the eurozone in recession and with domestic demand showing ... more »

Declines in Polish automotive industry in 2012Click and register to open this news

The situation in the Polish automotive sector in 2012 is getting worse with each passing month. As recently as 2008, the industry was one of the pillars of the country’s economy and Poland was a leader in Central ... more »

Economic conditions deteriorate in Q4Click and register to open this news

The IRG SGH business barometer declined both on a quarterly and yearly basis in the fourth quarter of 2012, reflecting a combination of negative seasonal impacts and persistent weakness of cyclical conditions. There ... more »

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W latach 2010-2011 negatywny wpływ na analizowany rynek miał przede wszystkim kryzys gospodarczy. Według przedstawicieli firm ankietowanych specjalnie na ... more »

Liczba planowanych inwestycji budowlanych wyhamowuje w większo¶ci polskich regionów, na co kluczowy wpływ ma mniejsza liczba obiektów drogowych. Województwa o ... more »

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Na potrzeby raportu „Rynek chemii budowlanej w Polsce 2013 – Prognozy rozwoju na lata 2013-2015” przeprowadzili¶my drug± edycję badania ... more »

Telecoms operators are courting business clients more and more assiduously. The reason for this is not only the higher average ... more »
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