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Poland: Political Update


Janusz Tomaszewski did not cooperate with PRL Security Forces. The co-founder of AWS (Solidarity Electoral Action), and former deputy-prime minister and minister of internal affairs and administration, had been accused of lying when he said that he was not an SB (Security Force) agent. The protracted investigation process, which began in January last year and ended on 21 February 2001, cleared Tomaszewski of the charges of making a false statement, and of cooperating with the SB. Draft Electronic Signature Bill Accepted. On 6 February 2001 the Polish government accepted a draft bill giving Polish citizens the right to electronic signatures from 1 July 2001. An electronic signature will be as valid as a hand-written one and may be used in electronic documents sent via the Internet. Sejm Passes 2001 Budget. The Polish Sejm has passed the budget. Its major macroeconomic ratios are incomes of over PLN 161 bln, expenditure of over PLN 181 bln, 4.5% GDP growth, unemployment of 15.4% and 7% inflation.

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