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Randstad: Polish workers more concerned but still broadly optimistic about job market


Polish workers have grown somewhat less confident about their jobs and employment opportunities in recent months, but remain more optimistic than most about finding a new job, according to the Randstad Work Monitor, an international quarterly survey by the global employment firm.

The study shows that 10% Poles feel they are at a high risk of job loss during the next six months, up from 9% in Q4 2010 and compared to 7% for the 29 countries covered by the report; while 25% say they are at a “moderate” risk of losing their job, up from 19% in the previous quarter and compared with a global average of 20%. Poles have also become more satisfied with their current employer compared with Q4 2010.

Nevertheless, 69% Poles are confident in their ability to find a comparable job within six months if necessary, and 75% believe they would be able to find some job during that period. Though this down by respectively one and six points compared with Q4 2010, it is better than the averages for all countries, which are 64% and 69%.

Furthermore, the country’s score on Randstad’s Mobility Index, which reflects perceived likelihood that the respondent will be working for a different employer within the next six months, surged by nine points to 117, the highest among European countries and well above the global average of 106 points.

The percentage of Poles actively looking for a new job increased by two points to 15% (compared with an average of 11%), and the number of workers who switched jobs during the past six months rose almost 10 points to 27.1%, compared with a global average of just under 20%.

The survey is based on interviews with a sample of minimally 400 respondents in each participating country. The respondents are aged 18-64 and working a minimum of 24 hours per week in a paid job (excluding the self-employed). The latest wave of the survey was conducted from 17 to 27 February.

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